Mandala Yoga is a cozy studio in a quiet and charming neighborhood. We aim to spread awareness and love to help cope with busy lives in a chaotic city.

Multi Style Yoga

We offer a big variety of Yoga styles to suit every taste and need, from the fastest pace (power Vinyasa) to the slowest (Yin Yoga). Here you can find what class suits you best or better yet fit in many different styles in your week. Yoga Styles: Hatha, Vinyasa, Power, Acroyoga, Yin, YinYang, Rocket and Flow


Aerial Yoga

An anti-gravity approach to Yoga where we take our practice from the mat and into the air. These classes increase strength and flexibility fast and relieve common ailments like back pain and insomnia. We have classes for beginners and classes for the more seasoned. Booking required.


  • Awaken and Activate the Chakras Saturday 12th of October 4.30 pm - 6.30 pm

    Activate and Awaken our main Chakras to their Fullest (possible and allowed) Potential.
    This awakening will be done through a 2h practical journey with:
    – A short presentation on the 8 targeted chakras; their meaning and held power/virtues.
    – A unique yoga practice in movement; with live percussion (no vinyasa, or classical asana).
    – A meditation with moving-mudras + commanding-affirmations; with live healing sounds

  • Dynamic Thai Massage Workshop 8th - 10th November

    With Movement comes Vitality

    Using as a benchmark the rhythm and oscillations, this seminar will explore how we can guide the body to awareness and influence it to develop or restore functional abilities.