Mandala Beirut was born in August 2015 out of a deep passion for Yoga and its life changing benefits.
We hope to spread the Yoga love throughout Lebanon and beyond! We know that in today’s world, the web is filled with intimidating Yoga poses and we’d like to make Yoga a little more realistic and accessible to everyone, because Yoga is for everyone without exceptions. We are friendly, down to earth, conveniently located and affordable.
Our dream is to unite seekers and teachers to provide the perfect space for the practice of Yoga and the expansion of consciousness. We know that reasons to show up on our mats are unique to every individual and so we aim to fulfill the needs of every practitioner.

Come down and meet us!

A place to nurture minds, bodies & spirits.

Mandala is a peaceful space for those who wish to reap the many benefits of Yoga and go on a journey of self discovery. We focus on keeping class sizes manageable to properly instruct students on an individual level. Our instructors come from a range of backgrounds and disciplines, making Mandala a diverse collective of expertise and styles.

Joelle Akl

Founder & Instructor

Dana Saadeh

Founder & Instructor

Tracy Estefane

Power Vinyasa Instructor

Abdul Sattar Ouayda

Hatha & Acroyoga Instructor

Nathalie Najem

Ashtanga/Mysore Teacher

Dana Sabra

Vinyasa Yoga Instructor