Yoga is said to have many health and fitness benefits. For Dana it also saved her from having to undergo surgery for scoliosis.
After suffering from her scoliosis back pain, her doctor and mother forced her to join a yoga class. She then gave yoga a shot in January 2011. Her first Vinyasa yoga class wasn’t easy as she thought it would, but once she stepped out of the class and felt the magical feeling of this practice and she knew that she would come back to the mat.
She then stayed committed to the practice on a regular basis, she got rid of her back pains, and her spine is now the straightest it can be.
in 2015, Dana got her 200h certificate from Yoga Works California, specializing in back pain, disc and scoliosis.
She started directly teaching in gyms and yoga studios. Her classes are full of fun challenges as she focuses mostly on alignment. She believes that everyone’s body is a magical place to be discovered, this is why she pushes her students to do more of what they think they can.