A surprise trip to Goa in 2011 changed the way she sees life and made her realize there is more to it than sitting behind a desk for most of her days.

She started soul searching and became sure that happiness comes from doing work that is fulfilling on a mental and spiritual level, and that was at the exact same time she started practicing Yoga on a regular basis. She completely fell in love with the way it made her feel on a physical level and the awareness it induced especially surrounding daily behavior and reactions. Quickly she became fascinated with the aims, roots and philosophy behind Yoga. She found herself drowned in articles and books about Yoga and researching a teacher training program in India.

After completing her 200h in Ashtanga Vinyasa and teaching for 2 years, she embarked on the 300h training In Yoga Therapy and decided to open her own studio in Beirut City. Joelle has competed many workshops and trainings since then, including an Aerial Yoga Certificate in 2017. She has also planned and taught Yoga retreats In Lebanon and abroad.

Her classes can be described as following a flow that promotes stability and flexibility, those flows are focused on intelligent sequencing and balancing poses that induce a strong sense of focus and determination.