Tracy started her yoga journey when she discovered Bikram hot yoga in London as she was completing her masters degree. With every drop of sweat she was letting go of things that no longer served her – mainly an unhealthy lifestyle and outlook on life – and her world started to change one breath at a time.
As she immediately started experiencing the healing benefits of yoga, she quickly became dedicated to a daily practice and was eager to spread this new-found positivity around her.
In September 2014, she joined a training in Scotland with Esak Garcia, international yoga champion, which completely shifted her practice and reinforced her longing for teaching yoga.
In June 2015, she finally took the leap to turn her passion into her profession and joined the 200 hours Hot Yoga Teacher Training at the Absolute Yoga Academy in Thailand.
Directly upon completion of the program and returning back home, she started teaching private and public yoga classes – including Hot Yoga, Vinyasa, Power Yoga and Yogalates – in Beirut’s leading yoga studios and gyms.
Her mission is to spread the yoga practice in her surrounding and help people experience its life changing benefits just as she did. Her classes inspire practitioners to adopt an introspective attitude and start a journey into self-awareness and personal development on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.